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Creating a prosperous and sustainable future together



We act with the highest standards of integrity and respect towards everyone we work with and for. We seek out and nurture talent. We believe in excellence in all areas of our work. We are collaborative, open, honest and accountable.


We make every effort to protect our environment and bring about positive change to the communities we serve. We are passionate about improving health and wellbeing, and contributing to a happy, prosperous society. Our teams are collaborative and proactive. We ask questions and listen to every answer.

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Pick Everard Office


We put our clients first. Our curiosity drives us to continuously find and deliver better solutions and more successful outcomes. We get to know our clients and communities and that motivates us to be creative, to find efficiencies, innovations and new ways of working. Simply put, we are always learning how to make things better.

Pick Everard Office


We are friendly and inclusive. We foster a strong sense of belonging where everyone feels welcome. We champion diversity and promote personal growth, self-improvement and continuous education. We enjoy what we do and celebrate each other’s successes.

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