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We create social value because it’s good for our people, the community and the planet

Social value

Doing the right thing

Pick Everard is an organisation driven by our values, not by tick box exercises. Pursuing social value isn’t something we do because we have to do - it’s simply the right thing to do.

For us the icing on the cake is that social value makes good business sense. Talented people want to work for a business that cares about what it does and how it impacts the world around them, suppliers want to partner with those organisations, and clients want to do business with them.

The bigger picture

At Pick Everard social value sits alongside the invaluable work of our dedicated sustainability team and our diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. We appreciate that not all social value is easy to measure in short term statistics and pounds. We are a member of professional body Social Value UK who are helping us to implement, improve, measure and demonstrate the benefits of all our social value activities. And in partnership with academic researchers we have developed innovative tools to help our teams and encourage our clients to better understand and measure their social value impact.

Change starts with us

We want to bring about positive change to the communities we serve; whether that’s a health and wellbeing drive, creating local jobs, bringing new life to a neglected area, or protecting the environment for future generations. This is what social value means to our people, our partners, colleagues and clients in the public and private sectors.

Community voluntary projects

Over 800 hours of community engagement has been undertaken by staff supporting a range of local programmes such as sports club volunteering, army/air force cadets, trustee positions and mentoring initiatives.

More of our vision