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Creating a safer future for everyone

Safety and wellbeing

Embedded into our culture is the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and everyone affected through our designs, decisions and actions.

We recognise that our actions can have a lasting impact on others; not only while projects are under construction, but on the occupiers of the buildings we design. We are committed to building a safer future and our robust strategy prioritises safety, health and wellbeing at every stage of a project lifecycle to ensure we complete projects with a legacy of zero incidents and accidents, and create safe, happy and healthy workplaces, homes and environments.

We understand that protecting our employees is not just about physical safety. We encourage activities that positively affect wellbeing, welfare and mental health. Our amazing team of mental health advocates work tirelessly to break the stigma around discussing mental health in the workplace. Our mentoring programmes cover every aspect of life at Pick Everard. Our senior staff are trained to recognise signs of stress and we offer workshops and a confidential helpline for those seeking advice or who wish to learn more.

Sitting above all the practical steps we are taking, we have nurtured a culture of helping others. We are proud to work with a team who value compassion and kindness towards each other, our clients, colleagues, and our local communities.

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