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Transport infrastructure is essential to our economies, communities, and businesses; rail, road, cycle, aviation and port networks all connect us.

Effective infrastructure delivers enhanced public highways access to strategic and local networks, improves connectivity for commuters, encourages active travel within communities, provides more efficient logistics for businesses, and supports local growth plan objectives.

We understand the unique challenges and pressures that are facing the transport infrastructure sector; regulatory, funding, sustainability, and political issues all require an integrated approach.

We work closely with local authorities across the UK to deliver sustainable transport routes and improve active travel in their boroughs, such as new cycle lanes, reduced speed limits, and safer crossing facilities. We support the preparation of business cases, upgrades to existing infrastructure and delivery of major programmes of work.

The technical ability, knowledge and innovative approach of our infrastructure teams mean that we can deliver any scale of project. We guide our clients through the entire process, from putting together a business case to upgrading existing infrastructure, or planning a major programme of works.

John Bradley

Scape Framework Director

Aviation projects require specialist design knowledge and experience across a wide range of components, including departures terminals, arrivals terminals, back of house functions and supporting infrastructure.

Our aviation team are highly experienced in the delivery of complex, major airport projects around the globe, covering terminal planning and other key areas. We offer a complete understanding of challenges and best practice relating to the design of every element of an airport and its supporting infrastructure.

The design process places customers at the heart of any decisions, ensuring the delivery of the highest quality experience for passengers. Through our technical ability, we drive innovation, sustainability, and efficiency.