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Phase one of a major shopping centre demolition to support a master plan for a new public realm in the heart of Nottingham

Broadmarsh Redevelopment Demolition

Nottingham City Council took possession of Broadmarsh Shopping Centre after the liquidation of its former leaseholder. The acquisition enabled the council to progress with a programme of works to fulfil its city centre regeneration and master planning goals, focusing on creation of a vibrant, open public realm and vastly improved accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.

Phase one of this programme comprised the partial demolition of the shopping centre to facilitate the creation of the public realm link between two busy streets in the city centre. Additionally, this phase required the demobilisation of the in-situ contractor working on the shopping centre prior to the liquidation of its operator, as well as further development of the regeneration master plan.

As the council’s project manager, cost manager, NEC Supervisor and health and safety advisor, we have been leading this phase through to completion, managing the interface between the consultancy team and the council, and administering the demolition contract.

The sudden termination of the contract for works to the shopping centre required the site to be made structurally safe and the reopening of a right of way through the site, followed by demobilisation of the in-situ contractor.

During the demolition contract we needed to consider options for how to reinstate a right of way through the site being demolished, as well as how to backfill the demolition zone in terms of its level relative to surrounding land. An open air right of way was desired to attract prospective tenants into new retail units created within the adjacent recently constructed multi-storey car park.

Smooth progression of the demolition depended on an electrical substation being moved to an agreed new location.

We quickly put in place a strategy for the in-situ contractor to maintain the shopping centre site until appointment of the demolition contractor. This saw the in-situ contractor work collaboratively with us and the council to action urgent remedial works identified within the building structure.

To create the required right of way through the demolition site, an external tarmac route was agreed as the best option. Time and cost savings were achieved by omitting surface water drainage and instead carrying out infiltration tests and allowing surface water to soak away into the newly created fallow land. To accommodate the tarmac path, the ground within the demolition zone was laid level relative to surrounding land.

A location for the substation previously housed within the shopping centre was agreed to be within the footprint of a unit vacated by retailer Boots. Arrangements were made to ensure timely completion of these works, allowing for demolition to proceed.

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