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Development of standardised designs and branding for Stansted Airport’s staff welfare facilities

Stansted Airport Additional Colleague Welfare Programme

Stansted Airport’s Additional Colleague Welfare (ACW) programme was implemented as a series of projects to enhance and remodel existing staff welfare facilities.

Stansted Airport’s Additional Colleague Welfare (ACW) programme was implemented as a series of projects to enhance and remodel existing staff welfare facilities. Key to this was the need to standardise the design aesthetic across each project, reflecting the airport’s brand across each space and ensuring all staff received the same standard no matter their working location within the airport. Projects included:

Bay 8 Welfare – complete kitchen replacement, new furniture, refurbished quiet seating area

Engineering Area – remodelled rest area with new furniture and entertainment, expanded kitchen with full equipment replacement, toilet replacements, new computer room

Fire Station – decoration within kitchen and mess room, refurbished training and rest room, shower and toilet replacement/refurbishment, cleaning storeroom improvement, gym floor improvement

Track Transit System Building – kitchen remodelling and replacement, renewed rest area, toilet replacements, workshop cleaning area equipment replacement, carpet replacement to general areas

Coach Station – building expansion providing space for 15 people including decoration and furnishings.

Pick Everard’s team provided full design and cost management of these projects, up to the delivery of a standardised design guide and outline specification identifying an acceptable standard against which each project was to be delivered.

Critical to our delivery of designs was our ability to manage the priorities of different stakeholder groups within Stansted Airport.

By visiting the airport early to complete surveys and commence our stakeholder engagement process, we were able to interrogate the airside areas to understand the scope of each project, along with gaining an early knowledge of stakeholders’ operational requirements, the architectural space available and existing services provisions. Key aspects of the brand captured within our Design Guide included feature colours taken from branding guidelines and applied to wall and floor finishes creating visual identity reinforcement. We used graphics applied to walls such as vinyl graphics, digital wallcoverings, paint finishes and feature cladding. The branding can also be applied to floor finishes using brand colours, patterns and textures. This provided a consistent visual language: if there are multiple locations or different types/ use of space, this can then create a consistent presence or representations in each environment.

This was accompanied by a detailed Outline Specification setting out details including dimensions, performance standards, construction methodologies, products and manufacturers for each major building element to be constructed or installed during completion of works on site.

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