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Major upgrade of the Greenock Ocean Terminal

Greenock Ocean Terminal

Inverclyde Council have undergone a major upgrade of the Greenock Ocean Terminal, the development of the George Wylie Museum and a dining venue on the waterfront. The new improved facilities have been developed to serve over 100 cruise ships that arrive on the Clyde each year.

This is a magnificent venue that Inverclyde can be proud of. Our warm welcome is famous around the world and now we have a first-class venue befitting of that for visitors from near and far to enjoy all-year round, as well as the local community. It’s a project that has been a long time in the making but has been delivered through hard work and determination by all involved.

Drew McKenzie


There were many challenging aspects to this project, ranging from building on top of the old, filled-in shipyard and dock infrastructure, to addressing issues related to flooding and drainage, and grappling with the complexity of the building’s footprint and form.

Through extensive site investigation and careful adjustments to the design, we were able to devise a piled foundation solution that left the buried dockyards undisturbed.

Flooding was a major concern, given the site’s proximity to the river. Detailed investigations and comprehensive flood modelling helped to minimise the impact, safeguarding the new building, and facilitating the approval of the proposed development.

The development necessitated the removal of a portion of an existing car park and integration with a somewhat congested town road network. Additionally, we had to accommodate 40+ coaches meeting a Cruise Liner, as well as up to 2000+ passengers and crew arriving in the town.

Furthermore, we needed to incorporate the SUSTRANS Cycle Route running through the site. Intensive negotiations with both the Roads Department and Peel Ports were essential to devise a compromise solution that would satisfy all parties involved. Again, our instrumental role was crucial in bringing this to fruition.

The project was delivered throughout the COVID-19 pandemic which had a huge impact on the delivery, as procedures had to change during its construction. Through regular team meetings with the contractor and key stakeholders, along with ongoing dialogue, any issues could be raised and resolved quickly and efficiently.

The building comprises three distinct parts, each serving a very different function: a ‘terminal’ providing airport-like security facilities for transitioning ship passengers; a museum with a controlled internal environment; and finally, a restaurant kitchen and dining facilities located on the first floor. Close liaison and coordination with the Architect were vital in providing the engineering solutions necessary to realise this complex layout. The result is a building that is unique in both form and layout, aptly reflecting the shipping and maritime history of the area.

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