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Transforming Broadmarsh into a cultural hub

Nottingham Central Library

Transforming Broadmarsh into a Cultural Hub. Collaboration Brings Central Library Vision to Life, Embracing Community Engagement and Sustainable Practices within Scape Framework.

We have worked hard with construction partners to create a state-of-the art facility. It is a library that residents and visitors of all ages will love, but especially children who will be able to enjoy a fantastic collection of books, an immersive audio-visual story telling room and plenty of spaces to enjoy reading and take part in fun activities.

Cllr Pavlos Kotsonis

Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture at Nottingham City Council

The project aimed to transform Nottingham's Broadmarsh into a vibrant cultural hub by repurposing it into a modern Central Library. Client requirements focused on creating a welcoming, customer-focused space with equality of access and commitment to excellence. The brief included the provision of diverse arts, cultural, and community services adaptable to future needs. Collaboration was key, aligning with the Scape Framework to ensure high-quality delivery and social value promotion. The newly developed library acts as a catalyst for community engagement and learning, reflecting Nottingham's commitment to its residents and visitors.

The Space

Nottingham's Central Library, born from the Broad Marsh regeneration, seamlessly blends modernity with heritage. Inspired by Nottingham's lace-making legacy, the design intricately weaves together contemporary techniques and carefully selected materials. The library's dynamic spaces cater to all ages, featuring immersive storytelling walls, creative zones, and a dedicated children's area. Collaboration was key, with Pick Everard leading a multidisciplinary team to realise the vision. Despite challenges, such as integrating sustainability while remaining cost-effective, the project succeeded in delivering a vibrant cultural hub. Its completion marks a milestone in Nottingham's transformation, fostering community engagement and inspiring future generations.


Collaboration has been integral to Nottingham's new Central Library, a focal point of the Broad Marsh regeneration. Pick Everard led a multidisciplinary effort, working closely with architects FaulknerBrowns, M&E consultancy Chord, and construction experts Morgan Sindall and Overbury. Commissioned via Perfect Circle and procured through SCAPE, the project prioritised local engagement, achieving over £2m in social value and allocating 60% of spend to local SMEs.


During the Nottingham Central Library project, integrating modern construction methods while honouring Nottingham's lace-making heritage presented challenges, especially in selecting materials that reflected the city's history. Balancing cost-effectiveness with sustainability and ensuring the design appealed to various age groups required thoughtful solutions. Additionally, designing spaces from immersive storytelling areas for children to interactive zones for teenagers involved careful planning. Collaborating effectively with multiple stakeholders to address these complex requirements within the strict project timeline also posed logistical challenges, which were managed through detailed planning and flexible execution.

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