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Water has a huge impact on all our lives, whether we are drinking it, disposing of it, being inundated by it, being eroded by it, using it for industrial processes or just getting out and enjoying it.

At Pick Everard, we have five generations of experience in engineering the relationship between people and water. We work in all aspects of this fascinating, rapidly changing environment and have an in-depth understanding of the tools, techniques and technology needed to master it.

Our diverse clients include water companies and members of the water utility supply chain, local authorities and businesses needing flood advice, developers looking for innovative drainage solutions, organisations setting up water amenities and environmental initiatives looking to protect important habitats. In every case, we offer bespoke services backed by specialist expertise.

Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell

Strategic Account Director

Pick Everard’s multi-disciplinary design teams have an outstanding track record for delivering award-winning projects for design and construct clients. The front end of any development offers the greatest opportunity to add value, so we provide thought leaders who can develop innovative, strategic approaches right from the start. We then collaborate closely with our project partners, co-locating contacts within construction teams to guarantee clear communication, tailored technical solutions, improved buildability and lower costs. Whether we are offering experienced design co-ordinators or a full design package, our multi-disciplinary structure enables us to support these traditional engineering skills with specialist services including transport planning, CDM coordination and planning application management. Finally, our streamlined processes and tight project control mean resources are used incredibly efficiently, giving our clients exceptional value for money and on-time delivery.
Thanks to our experience in all areas of the water sector, we have built strong partnerships with water companies, based on a real understanding of their needs. We work within their processes, standards, targets and best practice, drawing on expertise from across the wider construction industry to add value and promote efficient, sustainable working. Our services cover all of the assets that a water company needs to maintain and support. Whether they are creating new assets or managing, maintaining and optimising them, our designers, engineers and technical specialists share their long-standing experience with other project stakeholders to achieve the very best results on every project.
At Pick Everard, we have earned a reputation for providing trusted water expertise to local and central government, as well as to a range of public sector bodies. We provide specialist technical support whether they are acting as regulatory bodies or developing and operating their own facilities. We work with inland and coastal bodies of water, providing services including water abstraction and supply, drainage and treatment of waste water, and managing surface water and flooding. Whether we are investigating flooding problems at a school, designing inland waterways, creating coastal protection schemes or helping to develop public sector property, our expertise and experience means we provide a focused, innovative service every time.
Pick Everard’s extensive experience across the water sector means we can offer professional services to a whole range of private sector clients. As well as commercial, industrial and housing developers, these include industrial businesses, care homes, healthcare facilities and householders. Our services range from investigating and dealing with drainage issues to providing technical expertise in negotiations with water companies, environment agencies and local authorities. We give technical advice on operating existing water assets, as well as designing new potable water and waste water networks, sustainable drainage and surface water management systems. With sustainability more important than ever, we combine our technical and design expertise to create compliant, environmentally pleasing solutions, challenging and innovating to provide the best outcome for every client.