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Proposals to alleviate flooding to at risk properties within a conservation area

Westminster Road Sewer Flooding Alleviation

The project at Westminster Road sought to reduce sewer flooding at a number of domestic properties in the local area.

Westminster Road is part of the valuable conservation area of Ellesmere Park so the proposals needed to consider impacts on local heritage and ecology, as well as technical effectiveness.

Careful consideration of local and regional hydraulics was crucial for the scheme. All at-risk properties needed robust long term flood protection but while minimising local impacts, overall costs and construction programme.

Our hydraulic modellers verified the flooding problems around Westminster Road. This led us to propose a large, buried storm water storage shaft for which we provided a full procurement-ready design package. This would provide attenuation of storm events to protect the affected properties for at least 30 years.

As well as civil engineering design for modifications to the local sewer network to feed in to the shaft tank, we also developed the mechanical and electrical design for a pumping station to empty the shaft tank following storm events.

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