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Development of processes and improvements to management of drainage, flood risk and environmental protection

Drainage Water Management Plans (DWMP)

Severn Trent Water’s Drainage Water Management Plans (DWMP) framework provides the basis for a collaborative and integrated long-term plan for water companies, working with other catchment stakeholders that have responsibility relating to drainage (flooding and protection of the environment), enabling investment to be targeted more effectively.

We have been responsible for running simulations on approximately 170 hydraulic models covering the counties of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire, analysing and interpreting the outputs (flood volumes and overflow spill volumes and frequencies) from these model assessments. This was to provide risk triggers of catchment performance, allowing Severn Trent Water to identify areas for further modelling assessment and targeted mitigation.

Delivery timescales have been challenging and processes for each stage of delivery were often still under development by Severn Trent Water.

A proportion of models required improvements to enable assessment of performance, however this was often faced with the challenge of missing asset data. Management of vast quantities of data required careful planning and staged checking to ensure prevention of corrupt data and mis-filling.

To expedite programme delivery, we applied small samples of data or models to the processes and developed a staged checking with review/feedback/improvement before applying to wider datasets and models. This enabled vital feedback around improvements to be provided to the client which were be share amongst other parties engaged on the framework delivery.

Development of automated processes to extract and organise vast amounts of model outputs, and data. For this we developed Ruby Scripts within the modelling software and PowerShell within the Microsoft environment.

In the absence of known/survey information, we developed suitable methodologies for quick model improvements based on sound engineering judgement to enable high level assessments to commence.

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