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Services of interest

Project and programme management

Our project and programme management team have a proven track record of delivering successful projects and programmes through effective planning, leadership and rigorous controls.

We are experts in every aspect of strategic planning, from delivering robust business cases to advising on procurement methods. Our industry leaders sit at the forefront of technology; advising and coordinating building information management (BIM) requirements and recommending the most appropriate software platforms.

Our industry leading capabilities draw on the team’s considerable experience of major capital projects and programmes in the public and private sectors. We follow best practice guidance and are proud to be recognised in our industry with awards for contract expertise.

Our strong leadership, comprehensive range of management services and the pragmatic approach of our team ensure we effectively support our clients with their specific needs and help them make the most of their built assets and deliver maximum value on their investments.

Matt Hall

National Director

Our award winning project management team draw on a breadth of industry leading project management techniques to deliver unique, effective projects. We work with clients from RIBA Stage 0 to determine the optimum delivery strategy for every project, including advising on the benefits, requirements and procurement of BIM.

Key services

  • Procurement advice
  • Contract strategy and contract management
  • BIM management
  • Partnering and supply chain management
  • Project monitoring and auditing
  • Project recovery

We provide expertise in the management of programmes of interdependent projects. Our specialists also draw on best practice methodologies to design and implement effective Programme Management Offices (PMO) for major public and private sector organisations. Especially suited to delivering complex programmes, a successful PMO provides high levels of governance, operational efficiencies and ensures consistent management of risk.

Key services

  • Provision of specialist programme management resources
  • Programme assurance and controls
  • Benefits realisation, performance monitoring and auditing

Effective project controls greatly improve the probability of successfully delivering programmes and individual projects on time, cost, quality and safety. Our project controls team sits at the heart of the project and reports directly to the project or programme manager. We understand how to mould and adapt the key components around the needs of our clients and project scope, from building integrated master programmes to identifying and adopting key software and management tools.

Key services

  • Planning and scheduling
  • Risk and opportunities management (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Cost estimating and management
  • Scope and change management
  • Earned value management
  • Reporting

A robust business case is the bedrock for delivering every successful investment project. Our specialists help our investment clients achieve their strategic aims and make the most of their physical assets, by following a tested process benchmarked against HM Treasury best practice guidance. We lead the development of strong business cases for major capital projects and programmes, from strategic outline case, through outline business case to full business case.

Key services

  • Assessment
  • Analysis
  • Options and strategy
  • Compilation and authoring
External image close up of The Oculus at the University of Warwick

Our construction management services achieve streamlined, efficient and direct delivery of construction projects. Unlike other procurement methods, construction management gives greater opportunity for client involvement and control. Our team fully understand the risks and benefits of this method, and ensures our clients’ projects are well configured to achieve the desired outcomes.

Key services

  • Professional advice on brief development, procurement, feasibility and buildability
  • Replacing main contractor role and manage trade contractors directly
  • Cost planning, forecasting and cost control certainty
  • Programme management through design and construction phases
  • Dynamic risk management control
  • Detailed trade tendering
  • On-site ‘prelims’ management
  • Contract administration on behalf of the client
  • Statutory authority management and co-ordination
  • Operation and maintenance management
  • Site management
  • Client representation and employer’s agent

We offer a comprehensive development advisory service that spans the entire development process, from asset and site review, formulation of development strategies, through to the management and delivery of a development project. Our specialists draw on expertise in establishing dynamic project teams, gaining relevant statutory approvals and procuring first class contractors.

Key services

Viability and investment appraisal

  • Funding and finance strategy
  • Asset and property review to identify key development issues
  • Establishing a high-performing professional team
  • Formulation of development strategies and plans
  • Identification and management of project risks
  • Management of the planning, design and delivery of the scheme
  • Stakeholder engagement and contractor procurement
  • Marketing and sales management
  • Monitoring of developments in progress