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Landscape architecture

Our outside environment is so important to our wellbeing, and we take pride in creating uplifting spaces with a positive impact on the environment. Landscape design is integral to sustainable architecture and we take a holistic site-wide approach to deliver quality spaces valued by our clients and enjoyed by our communities.

Our versatile team delivers excellence in all projects across every sector. We don’t shy away from a challenge and enjoy working on major nationwide projects, whilst also seeking out small niche projects that keep us on our toes.

Our diverse skill set makes us agile and responsive to our clients’ needs. Collaboration and consultation are key to our success; we work closely with our clients and fellow consultants to create landscape solutions that balance imagination and technical compliance, with commercial parameters and the end goal of creating an enriching landscape experience.

Our core services include; landscape concept, landscape masterplanning, public realm design guides, soft and hard landscape design proposals, play area design, external lighting strategies, management plans and landscape visual appraisals.

Nicola Hamill

We undertake a comprehensive landscape analysis before we commence any design activity to clearly identify the constraints. These include but are not limited to: access / connectivity, utilities, uses, green infrastructure, views, materials, ecology, heritage and other designations. Landscape constraints plans will give our clients the information they need at feasibility stage to make informed decisions before concepts are developed.

We can provide our clients with landscape and visual appraisals (LVA) to accompany planning applications or as part of a feasibility assessment, considering the effects of new developments on landscape elements and features, landscape character and visual amenity. Mitigation measures, which form an integral part of the proposed development, are described together with how these measures are likely to prevent, reduce or offset any perceived adverse effects. Our methodology is based on the Landscape Institute’s Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (3rd edition).

Our public realm design guides establish the high-level design principles to secure a high quality, consistent, simple to maintain public realm. They establish the design vocabulary and provide a consistent approach and material palette for both hard and soft landscape elements. The design code sets out generic parameters and core principles to ensure public spaces will be well designed, accessible, attractive, sustainable and easy to maintain.

We have a holistic approach to landscape masterplanning, whether it is a residential, leisure or commercial development. Driven by the client’s aspirations, our proposals recognise the need for sustainability and resilience. We consider ecology, existing landscape features, topography and local character to create aesthetically pleasing and functional landscapes.

We prepare detailed, quantified planting plans with densities, sizes and root conditions, specification and schedules for planning, tender and construction purposes. Our hard landscape drawings identify surface finishes for the externals, fully coordinated with proposals for drainage and levels with consideration for direction of laying, patterns, other landscape components and features.

Our tree pit details are developed for all situations, complexities and locations to ensure trees thrive long after their establishment period. Specialist planting for sustainable drainage features or habitat creation are part of our expertise, as well as designing complex mixed planting beds that delight the public all year round.

Our paving details reflect our creativity and we excel in designing bespoke artwork in paving, or unique seating and planter solutions. We have extensive experience in implementation and buildability.

Play is a fundamental part of childhood, it contributes to developing resilience and boosts children’s physical and mental wellbeing. We have extensive experience in designing individual play areas and in developing a play strategy document for a comprehensive review. We work with the client, open space officers and RoSPA to create fully inclusive, stimulating play spaces of all sizes and categories. Through our established relationships with play equipment manufacturers and suppliers we can ensure that play areas of any style, complexity or value can be realised.

Working with our network of suppliers and manufacturers, we offer street furniture strategies, specify products that are aesthetically pleasing, robust, cost effective, easy to maintain and sustainably sourced and manufactured. We also have expertise in designing bespoke and integrated solutions, from granite and timber benches through precast concrete seat terraces to steel planter edges. We relish a challenge when it comes to street furniture and ensure it is an integral part of any place making.

Landscape management

We understand that responsible and active landscape management is crucial to the success of any landscape design in the longer term. Producing a LMP / LEMP for at least the period following completion of the project is also a requirement for BREEAM and more often for planning. A LEMP will maximise long term ecological benefits for the site and ensures enhancement measures are maintained. Objectives for the site are clearly set out with operational activities for each management zone and landscape type in a comprehensive schedule.