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Design of apartments needed to increase provision of high quality housing in Southwark

Meeting House Lane

This project delivered new build residential units and a community hall for the London Borough of Southwark. The new development was instigated to meet the growing housing demand of the local area and provide high quality and affordable housing to the community.

We provided technical designs for the design and build contractor before moving onto the construction phases. This resulted in the detailed design and delivery of the 29-apartment block with community hall on ground floor.

To ensure that housing of a high-quality housing was produced, it was key that all designs we produced aligned with the local building requirements including the London Housing Design Guide.

The project faced additional pressures from planning and funding requirements and so it was important that we offered a value for money service that still achieved the client’s ambitions.

We worked closely as a multi-discipline design team and with the contractor to produce a coordinated building that fulfils all building regulations, maintenance responsibilities and the expectations of the end user. Adding additional assurance to our approach, we undertook robust compliance check to ensure proposals met requirements of the London Housing Design Guide as well as the client’s key goals.

Our landscape architects worked closely with the project ecologist to ensure that a collaborative deign is developed for the external spaces, that provides a much needed amenity for the area, achieves the targets for sustainability and ties seamlessly into the adjacent estate and the street frontage. We have worked within the constraints of a tight space, existing buildings, trees and many different utilities. Existing trees along the road were all retained, protected and were incorporated into the scheme reinforced with additional tree planting.

The final apartments are provided with space heating and domestic hot water from the estate wide district heating scheme and meets the requirements of the London Plan through high levels of insulation, efficient systems and renewable photovoltaic technology.

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Keepmoat/London Borough of Southwark




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