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Building services engineering

Building performance is an integral part of a well-considered design and creating a healthy internal environment is critical to the success of every project. We are pragmatic pipes and wires engineers, but we’re also big thinking creatives. We deliver fully coordinated sustainably conscious engineering solutions.

Our skilled engineers fully consider every component of a design by working closely with our clients and collaborating with our project design teams and wider consultants. Our well-crafted engineering solutions are always embedded in the philosophy of the project.

Digital design is embedded in our delivery model enabling our team to deliver effectively and efficiently. Our expertise is extensive bringing together a national team of highly trained engineers. We position our skills to the project requirements to ensure excellence in delivery and service.

We have earned a national reputation for working with major clients to solve complex engineering challenges. Our team enjoy projects that make us think outside the norm and bring our skills to bear; whether a £50m flagship new build development with complex and varied environmental requirements, or an ongoing estate services maintenance programme that requires phased service upgrades within a live and active environment.

Our core services include; building services engineering, mechanical & electrical engineering, public health engineering, lighting design and technical advisory. We also provide a suite of other specialist services including refurbishment and renewal, asset replacement, and smart building solutions.

Justin Neill

National Director

Mechanical, electrical, and public health (MEP) installations are the vital systems of a building which are necessary to ensure safe, comfortable and functioning places for our use, occupation, and enjoyment. Technologies are continuously evolving and with the increasing pressures associated with climate change, we provide the expertise to design the right building services engineering systems and solutions which are perfect for our clients’ needs.

We conceive, design and implement efficient and effective solutions providing ventilation, heating, cooling, lighting and all other systems which are essential to the functioning of a building, recognising the different approaches required for different sectors and types of building.

Whether the effective use of natural light or carefully designed artificial light, great lighting can truly enhance the spaces we live and work in. Our lighting specialists work with our clients and with architects and interior designers to ensure that our lighting solutions are completely appropriate and adopt the key principles of sustainability and low energy.

Using specialist design tools, we support projects from inception through to completion and in-use. This includes technical design work in support of lighting impact assessments at inception and planning stages, daylight modelling, interior and external building lighting, architectural lighting, highway, flood and accent lighting.

Taking appropriate advice at the right time can bring clarity, insight and rigour to organisational decision making. We support informed client decision making by providing technical advice, using the enormous breadth of knowledge and expertise that exists within our technical delivery teams. This includes:

  • Compliance advice and specialist design associated with specialist steam and gas installations
  • Electrical vehicle infrastructure evaluation and deployment
  • Preacquisition survey reporting
  • Condition survey reporting
  • Compilation of asset registers and forward maintenance plans
  • Dilapidation survey reporting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Carbon emission reduction feasibility reports and advice on net carbon zero targeting
  • Renewable energy assessments
  • Client-side advisory for construction projects.

The refurbishment and renewal of existing buildings and services within them is vital to supporting the pathway to meeting net zero carbon emission targets. By retrofitting modern materials and up-to-date systems and engineering solutions, existing buildings can be transformed and re-purposed. With clear environmental benefits, we can help shape a better future for generations to come.

Our technical specialists have extensive experience of both the refurbishment of entire buildings, as well as in the replacement and upgrading of mechanical and electrical engineering assets, as may be required as part of reactive maintenance activity or planned asset replacement strategies.