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New motorway services area in Rugby

Rugby Services

This project saw a new service station built in Rugby, providing a new amenity building, fuel filling station and drive-through coffee shop complete with various external works including access roads, car parking and soft landscaping.

Our objectives were to provide mechanical and electrical services suited to the buildings’ intended uses, and to provide a pleasant and comfortable environment for users. Services needed to have the lowest possible energy consumption, minimal environmental impact and lifecycle maintenance costs.

The amenity building was to provide accommodation for retail and food outlets, many of which are services intensive and incorporated dedicated plant and equipment within their fit-out. The development of plant areas and distribution routes needed to include provision for such equipment, and associated distribution systems, with very limited information from the proposed end users.

A high level of integration within the construction was required, including underfloor heating of concourse areas, high-level wall-mounted grilles and diffusers, and electrical containment within walls and floor slabs, making ongoing review and coordination with other members of the external design team critical to the development of the services design.

The remote location of the site introduced many challenges in relation to the provision of utilities supplies.

A mixed-mode ventilation system was provided to achieve acceptable conditions throughout the year, while minimising energy consumption. Natural ventilation utilising automatic opening louvres and windows was to be supported by the building management system, which monitors internal/external temperatures, air quality and wind conditions, operating mechanical ventilation systems only when necessary.

The remote location of the site made the provision of a fixed natural gas supply an expensive proposition, leading to alternative fuels being considered. Preference was given to heat generation plant comprising a wood-pellet fired biomass boiler as the lead boiler, supported by additional gas boilers acting as back-up and helping to meet peak loads.

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