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Sport and leisure

Our award-winning sports and leisure team specialise in the design and delivery of a wide range of leisure venues throughout the UK. We work with governing bodies, local authorities and venue operators to create facilities that meet the demands of the communities and customers they serve.

We are passionate about helping to transform people’s wellbeing through health hubs, sport, physical activity and socialising. We understand the reality of operating sports and leisure facilities is that they are traditionally energy hungry buildings which suffer significant wear and tear due to daily heavy usage. Through quality design and use of appropriate materials, our expert team deliver practical, innovative solutions to help minimise running costs and significantly improve the sustainability impact of venues.

We deliver leisure projects of every scope and scale, from new-build leisure complexes, through to challenging expansion and refurbishment projects and our team has designed and delivered facilities for swimming, leisure, health, climbing, football, rugby, athletics, equestrian, cycling, motor racing and tennis. Across the UK, we are proud to have transformed sports and leisure provision and contributed to surges in their popularity and use.

Sports and fitness facilities are continuously transforming to adapt to the health and wellbeing requirements of the nation. Traditional leisure centres have become key facilities for their communities, and the ageing stock of existing leisure centres across the UK has created exciting opportunities for the regeneration of towns and cities by creating sustainable hubs and venues.

Our team’s wide-ranging experience includes everything from local community sports centres to Olympic standard swimming and diving centres. This experience equips us with the ability to meet the needs of local authorities, developers and centre operators. We help clients create multi-use facilities to achieve Sport England funding; improve accessibility to leisure facilities; create valuable new public spaces; provide community sports hubs; and provide elite university sports facilities available for public use.

Achieving greater participation in outdoor activities remains a strategic goal of national sports bodies. Although millions already participate, even greater numbers report a desire to take up outdoor pursuits, with the majority of active people staying indoors. Issues of access to adequate facilities is one of the key barriers to this.

We have played a part in addressing this issue through the creation of new facilities and the enhancement of existing sites dedicated to outdoor sports and recreation. Our involvement in this area has seen us deliver appealing, family friendly sites which are safe and accessible for all.