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Housing remains one of the UK construction industry’s most integral sectors, commanding around 40% of total output. It is also one of the most publicly scrutinised and therefore proves a challenging market in which to operate.

Supply is a key issue; it is universally acknowledged we are currently not building enough new homes, particularly high standard affordable properties. Quality and efficiency of design are further issues, with properly planned and coordinated projects being essential to ensuring developers can maximise the return on capital spent on housing schemes. Securing funding and planning permission for major developments creates a further hurdle.

Our expert teams take on a diverse range of residential projects, from helping housing providers maintain their building stock to creating community accommodation, and providing multi-disciplinary design and management services for major new-build developments.

By understanding the complexities of delivering housing projects, we have demonstrated our ability to engage the right people and organisations to develop initial site appraisals and options; develop design concepts and steer these through planning; produce details with high accuracy to eliminate waste; and manage logistical issues to achieve smooth delivery on complex urban sites.

As well as designing and delivering sustainable, contemporary homes, we develop solutions to provide the public realm, roads, drainage and service distribution that surrounds, serves and supports them. Whatever each project demands, we bring the same commitment to delivering quality, contemporary, durable and attractive developments that communities can be proud of.

Kieran Bradley

Kieran Bradley