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Blue light emergency

With public finances remaining stretched, emergency services providers face considerable challenges; moving towards community focused delivery and adapting stations and operational buildings to be more efficient, while continuing to maintain high standards.

Headquarters buildings and office support functions must adapt to move away from traditional fragmented working practices and towards models focused on collaborative, flexible approaches. which save on running costs while allowing staff to work together and deliver a more streamlined service.

Our team has a portfolio of flexible, modern and innovative developments delivered within strict time and budget constraints to blue light services across the country. We deliver buildings which meet our blue light clients’ operational requirements; incorporate the needs of staff and key stakeholders; achieve required levels of security and resilience; and stand up to scrutiny over spending.

Working together, we can meet the challenges of delivering future change.

Andy Robinson


At Pick Everard, we have worked with police forces across the country, delivering custody schemes, office and police station rationalisation, upgrades and maintenance projects.

We understand the considerable challenges these forces face as they move towards local, community policing; adapt operational estates to meet strategy requirements; provide shared services with other public bodies; and improve care for vulnerable detainees and visitors.

We are committed to helping our clients tackle these changes and emerge stronger, evolving their built environments to provide greater flexibility, efficiency and valuable time on the streets.

Our design and management teams have supported clients across the fire and rescue service, including the development of headquarters, fire stations, training facilities, control centres and staff accommodation.

We appreciate the complex, specialist nature of these buildings and the demands of their stakeholders. We have the flexibility to react to changes in operational practice, the experience to engage with the needs of unions and staff, and the focus to make sure public safety is always the priority.

Thanks to our strong reputation in this field, our continuous involvement in fire and rescue projects means we are always up to date with the latest operational models, practices and procedures.

Rationalising estates and centralising services

Meeting the challenge posed by a restricted public purse is achievable through extensive estate rationalisation exercises to centralise departments and co-locate services - enabling disposal of surplus sites to reduce operational costs and providing opportunities for improved collaborative working and knowledge sharing. Our consultants offer the wide skillset and experience needed to deliver initial rationalisation and workplace studies, exploring the use of smarter working by analysing aspects such as departmental relationships and desk usage. This early stage work informs the delivery of capital projects to create the flexible open-plan workplaces needed to meet your changing requirements.

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