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The construction of the brand-new Woodland View School building in Kirkintilloch

Woodland View School

The new Additional Support Needs School provides a nursery for 20 children aged 2-5 years and flexible classrooms for 90 primary and 90 secondary children aged 5-18 years totaling 200 pupils in a purpose-built Additional Support Needs School at Waterside in Kirkintilloch. The building is designed to provide a flexible facility which meets the complex needs of all users.

It was very exciting to see inside our new school – the building is absolutely fantastic! It has been designed to meet the needs of all of our pupils; from extra wide lifts to an accessible walkway, connecting the ground and first floor.

Kay Hunter

Head Teacher

The school is accessible to all pupils who will have a range of physical disabilities, including wheelchair users, mobility difficulties, hearing, visual and other sensory impairments, as well as range of learning difficulties.

In addition to accessibility for wheelchair users, the school has layout, decoration and appropriate signage to assist pupils with a range of sensory and cognitive impairments to navigate the building. The floors also provide a smooth transition between rooms, corridors and external teaching and play areas.

One of the primary challenges on the project was to match the requirements of the end users (including staff and children) to the available budget, and this was achieved through extensive consultation at each stage of the process, including the initial cost plan stage.

Once the budget was set, the project team were tasked with constantly challenging the design to ensure that the brief was met and value for money was always achieved.

The project exceeds compliance with the Building Standards sustainability requirements and has been designed based on natural ventilation systems, with photovoltaic panels used to offset part of the energy usage demand of the building.

The Contractor has worked closely with the local supply chain and has also encouraged working with apprenticeship schemes in the local area. Engagement with the local community has been critical to the success of this scheme, during the design, Planning process, and also during construction.

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