Building Physics & Thermal Modelling

Our thermal modelling consultants provide a range of services that help make sure the energy demands of buildings are reduced, then provided in an energy efficient, cost-effective way. Their expertise regularly helps clients achieve building regulations and energy performance certificates.

Pick Everard is a CIBSE accredited low carbon consultancy, listed on the Low Carbon Energy Assessors’ register. We’re highly experienced in dynamic and SBEM thermal modelling, design-stage energy estimations and cutting-edge modelling innovations, as well as computational fluid dynamics and thermal comfort analysis.

We also use passive design to create daylight and solar shading, natural and hybrid ventilation, insulation and air tightness, and practical retrofit options.

Our building physics experts also undertake detailed energy reviews of buildings in terms of asset performance and operational energy use. They provide recommendations to clients on current performance against benchmarks, potential for improvements, implications on ratings, energy use and emissions, costs and payback.

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Selected Building Physics & Thermal Modelling projects

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