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We are privileged to work on hundreds of education projects that are improving the lives of children and young adults from pre-school, right through to higher education. Our multi-disciplinary design and management consultants have worked on over 120 DfE framework projects.

Our education clients, whether primary, secondary, SEND, further education or higher education, face a particular set of challenges, predominantly tied into funding. Our design and management teams have longstanding and continuously updated expertise in overcoming financial constraints and delivering more for less, without compromising on the mental health and wellbeing of our children.

We find new and cost-effective ways to adapt existing spaces and create new spaces that are equipped to handle today’s challenges and look to the future.

John Sharp

Operations Director

Schools face a host of challenging circumstances; from changing curriculums, government policies and sustainability targets, to financial constraints and an unprecedented demand for pupil places. We are always impressed by our school clients’ dedication and passion, and we work hard to deliver fantastic schools for less. Our design and management teams have supported clients from preschool through to secondary and sixth form on major projects and programmes, including over 120 DfE frameworks. We help our clients work smarter. Smarter procurement, batching frameworks and developing programmes of work that deliver best value across school estates. We work closely with our schools to resolve challenging budgets, meet net zero targets and overcome space constraints. All without compromising on the most important outcome; ensuring every child is well cared for and can realise their potential.
Colleges today face a set of challenges that are both unique to further education and in common with all education providers; to remain competitive and attract students; to meet the expectations of employers and industry partners; ever tighter financial constraints; and meeting ambitious sustainability targets. We have worked with over 40 further education colleges in the last five years and on 120 DfE frameworks so we understand these challenges and how to overcome them to deliver attractive, vocational, future-proof and, most of all, inspiring places to teach and learn. On all of our college projects, from masterplans to redevelopments, we work in close partnership with our clients and their college community to make sure every student can flourish and feel well equipped to take the next step on their career path.

We understand the complex and changing needs of the higher education sector. We have delivered projects for over 30 higher education clients in recent years and we are continuously finding new ways to meet the demands of today’s higher education campuses and create inspiring spaces to teach, learn, research, collaborate and live.

There is a fine balance to be struck in higher education; delivering aspirational, high-performance facilities that will attract students within a competitive environment; creating state of the art blended learning spaces; meeting and exceeding ambitious sustainability targets; caring for the health and wellbeing of all building users; and all delivered against the reality of limited budgets.

Our tailored approach is always led by our clients’ unique requirements and in extensive consultation with stakeholders and funding bodies. Our team has an acute awareness of emerging trends in education, tackling the climate crisis, and working and learning in a post-pandemic world. We deliver buildings that are aspirational, sustainable, resilient and cost effective to construct and maintain. Our design and management experience includes: multi-functional collaborative spaces; cutting edge research centres; busy urban campus expansions; sensitive modernisation of listed buildings; and student welfare and support facilities.

In the UK one in five children have special educational needs. We are dedicated to giving our children, teenagers and young adults the best possible opportunities in life by meeting their unique education requirements in both SEND and mainstream school settings. All children are unique and special education needs and disabilities are diverse. Some pupils struggle in areas of cognition and learning; behavioural, emotional and social characteristics; communication and interaction; and sensory or physical skills. We are proud to have developed specialist knowledge and experience in the design and delivery of SEND facilities and our track record speaks for itself. The cost of creating quality facilities equipped to address a complex range of needs can be high and funding pressures can be a challenge. Our team is well versed in balancing public sector budget constraints with the need to deliver high performance spaces which support and inspire pupils and increase specialist staff retention.

Our approach to school project delivery

Our experience and expertise within the primary and secondary education sectors are broad, we have delivered a number of major expansion programmes across the country, including creating more than 3,000 places and continuing to create more in Hounslow, London, and supporting the transformation of Bedford’s education system from three-tier to two-tier through a £35m improvement programme. 

Through our vast experience we have consistently met the main challenges and drivers within the sector - expanding pupil places through capital programmes; providing a full range of spaces within constrained sites; enabling flexibility for future expansion; delivering primary facilities within all through schools; minimising disruption during refurbishment and expansion works; and creating high quality schools in remote locations.