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We are proud to be the leading integrated design partner for the UK justice sector and trusted advisor to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). We work directly with contractors and our partnering supply chain to solve the most complex infrastructure requirements of our custodial estate clients.

Our vision is to support the delivery of a world-class justice system that works for everyone in society.

We work strategically across client portfolios to find efficiencies and drive sustainability. We understand the design of custodial accommodation is continually evolving and we take a thoughtful, evidence-based approach.

Our experience spans open, closed and women's estates, together with young offenders' institutes, secure schools and courts. We hold and maintain reference designs across the CAT B and C estate on behalf of the MoJ for all building typologies.

Our custodial work focuses on the UK, the MoJ and Scottish Prison Service estates, together with work across the wider commonwealth and internationally.

Tim Irons

Operations Director

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Salutogenic architecture

Built environments promoting health and wellbeing are essential to the rehabilitation of prisoners, and to the morale of prisoners, staff and visitors. This concept, coined salutogenesis, is intrinsically person centred and encompasses the openness of spaces, the materials and finishes used, the relationship and coherence between different spaces, the use of clear openings to outside green spaces and to other building areas, and the provision of areas for socialising and group activities.

Specific approaches to salutogenic architecture include spaces for visitors which are inviting and inspiring, open spaces where prison officers can observe and interact with prisoners in a trusted manner, maximisation of natural light and natural ventilation for prisoners, and provision of spaces for socialisation and group activities among prisoners. 

All of this must be balanced with secure design principles, and salutogenic architecture remains a continuing area of research and development within custodial design, one in which we at the forefront thanks to our partnership with academia.