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Working with a national banking client on a £60 million redevelopment project of its historic headquarters

National Banking Client

A national banking client has initiated a £60 million redevelopment project of its historic headquarters, engaging Pick Everard as the lead consultant. The project signifies their ambitious plan to achieve net-zero by 2030.

This redevelopment will amalgamate three existing buildings into a modern, hybrid workspace and is designed to accommodate up to 2000 employees, integrating advanced facilities, including a working café and wellness offerings. A biodiverse outdoor space is set to be opened up on the roof terraces, boosting the project’s green credentials.

The existing headquarters contribute nearly 10% to the total gas consumption of the estate. Being a Grade II listed building and set in a sensitive conservation area, maintaining the historical essence of the structure whilst infusing modern amenities and ensuring compliance with environmental norms poses a considerable challenge.

The project demands a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to address structural, sustainability, health, safety, and project and cost management aspects whilst balancing the historical preservation needs.

Introduction of a ground source heat pump is expected to fulfil 80-90% of the site’s heating needs, omitting the dependency on gas and improving the building’s EPC rating. Further, targeting energy conservation through a reduction in commuting by enhancing cycling and active travel facilities.

Careful attention to the building envelope is being paid to maintain its historic appearance and to bring more natural light to the structure, coupled with thermal improvements in the façade to meet Part L regulatory performance requirements.

Designing the new HQ as a sustainable hub will act as a template for further projects in their portfolio, adhering to biophilic design principles and ESG initiatives. The incorporation of a biodiverse rooftop and underground vault showcases an alignment with environmental and conservation goals.

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