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Delivery of extensive refurbishment to house new visitor centre

King Richard III Visitors’ Centre

This award-winning project saw our team transform the old Leicester Grammar School into an iconic visitor centre. Combining history with state-of-the-art design and displays, it tells the astonishing story of Richard III’s long-lost remains.

The project involved renovating the Victorian gothic building to create two floors of exhibition space and a covered area, letting visitors access the grave site and learn about Richard III’s life. A discreet services installation would hide M&E services on floating rafts, providing an energy efficient approach and giving exhibition designers complete freedom.

The main challenge surrounding the project was the installation of mechanical services to an existing structure that historically contained minimal mechanical and engineering servicing routes.

Given the client's aspiration for an iconic facility, a key challenge was to design a discreet services installation to be integrated into the distinctive architectural style, providing an energy efficient approach which included connection into the City-wide district heating system.

Working with the architect and exhibition designers, we delivered a conceptual, 3D, interactive environment to an extremely tight deadline. We also created secure, close-control climate conditions for exhibition spaces, with humidity control and a chilled tomb-like environment around the grave. We connected to district heating for heat and hot water and ensured pipework and ductwork were installed in sympathy with the building, while providing design solutions and agreement on-site, enabling swift construction. This avoided unnecessary works and enabled the contractor to meet the programme.

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