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Emma Nicholson winner of CN & NCE Inspiring Women in Construction and Engineering Award

12 Oct 2023

We're delighted that Emma Nicholson has won the Allyship Champion of the Year Award at the 2023 CN & NCE Inspiring Women in Construction and Engineering. The winners of the 2023 CN & NCE Inspiring Women in Construction and Engineering were crowned in front of the industry on Tuesday 10 October at Leonardo Royal London, St Paul’s in London.

The awards, which celebrated the role models and organisations empowering women in construction and engineering, were jointly hosted by New Civil Engineer and Construction News.

Commenting on the award win, Emma said: "I’m delighted and humbled to have been recognised with the ‘Allyship Champion of the Year’ accolade at the CN & NCE Inspiring Women in Construction and Engineering Awards. These awards not only celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in the industry but also underscore the importance of diversity, inclusion, and the empowerment of women in the sector. Awards such as these are a fantastic way of highlighting STEM careers, ensuring that we pave the way for future generations of women in construction and engineering."

“The awards are living up to their mission of celebrating both individuals and businesses that are helping open up the construction and engineering industry as an inclusive place for women to contribute,” said NCE acting editor Belinda Smart.

“NCE congratulates all of our winners who will no doubt make standout role models for the industry and we look following their progress as they work with our mentors.”

In total, 15 winners were crowned, recognising the women and teams that stand out as exceptional and showcasing both individual and organisation wide initiatives.

Following a rigorous judging process with an independent panel of judges, Emma won in recognition of having both breadth and depth in reach to women across the industry. They felt that she has a blend of strategic and practical actions, that has huge positive impacts on the industry as well as on individuals.

Construction News editor Colin Marrs said “Congratulations to all our awards winners. There was another incredible response to our call for entries. As you will discover, this is not a mere token exercise – each and every shortlisted entry demonstrates performance and thinking at the highest levels of excellence.”

“By celebrating women’s success here tonight with male allies, CN and NCE hope to build on the momentum that is gradually consigning sexism to the dustbin of history.”

The full list of winners can be found at: