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Deliver better together: Life at Pick Everard

25 Jul 2022

Elizabeth Hardwick-Smith

Group People and Culture Director

Achieving our strategic goals will always start with us and the working environment we create for our people. How we foster the right culture to succeed is critical and is why we put so much focus on hiring the most exceptional people in the market, who also embody the core values that drive our business. Elizabeth Hardwick-Smith, Group People and Culture Director, explains more about these values and how they drive us to deliver better together.

Deliver Better Together

Life at Pick Everard is driven by four central values, which are embodied by every single one of our people. These guiding principles push us forward in our vision to create a better future for all. They help us hire the best talent, work with the best people, build the best teams and achieve the best outcomes possible, creating a better future for all.

Being Professional

As a business with so many connections throughout the industry – and beyond – being professional is, of course, at the heart of our approach. We believe in excellence in every area of our work, taking an open, honest, and accountable approach to everything we do.

All of our people embody this, acting with the highest standards of integrity and respect towards everyone we work with, and everyone we work for. We champion this continuously across individuals and teams.

We pride ourselves in employing and nurturing the most exceptional talent within the industry, hiring the best people based on their expertise. This approach, our provision for continuous professional development and our position as leaders on the latest innovations and technologies in the market means that our clients, supply chain and colleagues always receive the very highest standard of service, underpinned by utter professionalism.

Being Compassionate

This is an incredibly important value that will drive our aims of building a better future.

We make every effort to create more sustainable outcomes on every project, while at the same time examining the overall positive impact and lasting legacy we can leave for the environment and the communities in which we work. Compassionate engagement with clients, supply chain and wider communities is key, making sure that we ask the right questions and listen to every answer to build the best outcomes possible.

Elsewhere, being compassionate underlies our ongoing passion in improving equality and diversity within the construction sector, breaking down barriers and promoting collective betterment. It also reflects our culture, where every person is free to embrace their individuality and will be rewarded on their skill, while also fostering the highest levels of health and wellbeing in our people.

Being Driven

Putting our clients first gives us drive. This pushes us to not only create the best outcomes for projects, communities, and the planet, but also provide our clients with added value from our multi-disciplinary services. We have industry-leading expertise that positions us perfectly to provide above and beyond consultancy and advice, no matter what our appointment.

We are all driven by a curiosity to find better solutions to drive more successful outcomes for everything we do and a courage to take these forward with vigour. Early engagement and this drive push our creativity to find efficiencies, innovations, and new ways of working that deliver the best results for any project big or small.

Simply put, we are always pushing and identifying how to make things better – and then we deliver it.

Being Positive

Positivity breeds excellence, which is why it’s one of our core values. Without positivity, we cannot seek to provide the positive outcomes for our work and everyone we engage with. Our ‘can-do’ attitude means we are able to rise to any challenge that we may face, working with clients and supply chains in a productive manner to find the solutions required.

We foster a strong sense of belonging within our culture that champions diversity and promotes personal growth, self-improvement, continuous education – and fun. We all enjoy what we do and celebrate each other’s successes, ultimately creating a positive internal culture to complement our positive approach to project work with clients and supply chains.

Our five strategic pillars will see us deliver better together for our people, with our teams, for our clients, for our communities, and for the planet – but these goals will lie in embodying these four core values that make Pick Everard what it is. Through a professional, compassionate, driven and positive approach, we will achieve our goals and lead on the creation of a better future.

We’re a growing team and have a range of national opportunities offering career progression and high job satisfaction. Explore our vacancies here. Or if you would like an initial confidential discussion please contact Hope Thorley, Pick Everard Talent Acquisition Business Partner, on 07469 089129 or by email at