Surface Water Management

Assessing and managing the risks associated with flooding and surface water runoff is becoming increasingly important as the impact of climate change advances.

At Pick Everard, we’re skilled in assessing and mitigating flood risk, using our expertise to help clients achieve flood resilience. This can range from protecting existing assets to providing the technical response required to secure planning approval for site development.

We are able to respond to the statutory requirements of a variety of flood risk assessments. These range from simple desk-top investigations of the impact of new developments, through more involved data gathering and analysis, to highly complex hydraulic modelling of the risks associated with flooding from watercourses, sewers, drainage systems and overland flow.

We also support clients working with quarrying and gravel extraction, helping them to meet surface water planning considerations. Our experienced team designs cost-effective, sustainable solutions that control and manage surface water runoff during both the extraction and restoration phases.

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Selected Surface Water Management projects

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