Energy & Carbon Consultancy

Buildings currently account for approximately 50% of the UK’s total CO2 emissions. That’s why, whatever the nature or size of a client’s property portfolio, we believe it’s never been more important to help take control of their energy use.

Pick Everard offers a complete range of energy and carbon consultancy services to help organisations identify the most cost effective way to lower energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint and deliver energy improvement projects. In turn, these help to provide financial and carbon savings as well as maximise property value in the emerging low carbon market.

With specialist expertise in energy auditing and building design, we carry out detailed assessments, benchmark current energy use and provide the following services:

  • Energy surveys and investment grade audits
  • ESOS assessment (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme)
  • SECR assessment (Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting) 
  • ISO 50001 accreditation (energy management)
  • Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) analysis
  • Retained energy management
  • Building log books
  • CRC and greenhouse gas reporting

Selected Energy & Carbon Consultancy projects

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