Structural Design

Pick Everard has the breadth and depth of structural expertise to make sure each project we take on is delivered to the very highest standard.

To provide exceptional structures for our clients, we draw on the talents of our technically skilled, highly experienced team, as well as state-of-the-art computer-aided design packages. We  complement this by using powerful 3D modelling tools to create multi-disciplinary coordinated models which can easily be shared between everyone involved in the project.

Our structural engineers regularly work both as part of multi-professional Pick Everard teams and as stand-alone experts who can form teams with colleagues from other businesses. They have the expertise to present innovative, robust design concepts for areas including:

  • Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Water retaining and excluding structures
  • Educational and healthcare buildings
  • Specialist secure buildings
  • Refurbishment schemes
  • Bespoke precast concrete
  • Retaining walls

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Selected Structural Design projects

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Graeme Milligan

Graeme Milligan

National Director

Tel:0345 045 0050

Tel:0345 045 0050