Strategic Development Services

Pick Everard’s Development Services Team works collaboratively and proactively with public and private clients to ensure they achieve smart project outputs and outcomes, which maximise the performance and returns from their assets and resources.

We can assist clients throughout their whole project process, from the very outset to the delivery of the completed project or development.  We can commence by helping to identify and define smart project objectives, followed by the writing of pragmatic project briefs, the undertaking of highly creative yet pragmatic options studies and the preparation of robust delivery strategies and business cases.  Alternatively we can join our clients’ part-way along this journey, to review their progress to date and help them move forward as beneficially as possible.

Our approach is outputs, solutions and delivery focussed, and goes well beyond the conventional masterplanning process.  Our cross-informing, iterative process ensures that commerciality and deliverability are considered from the outset: driving and shaping physical options and solutions.  Our collaborative hands-on workshops ensure that clients, stakeholders, specialists and advisers are working together to achieve the optimum results, as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

We respond to the uniqueness of each project by assembling bespoke teams of development, regeneration and construction professionals and specialists, and we head these teams up by highly experienced team leaders and project managers.

Our team has a wealth of expertise and experience in:

  • Strategic Definition Studies (RIBA Stage 0)
  • Options Appraisals
  • Business Cases
  • Delivery Strategies and Action Plans, identifying ‘quick wins’, unlocking and catalyst actions, first steps, priorities, delivery phases, enabling works, short/medium/long term targets
  • Feasibility and Viability Studies
  • Masterplanning and Physical Visioning Plans
  • Town & City Centre Regeneration Strategies
  • Estate & Asset Rationalisation and Utilisation Strategies
  • Reviews and updating of Plans, Policies, Strategies
  • Smart research and holistic analysis of the complexity of factors affecting development, including political, economic, physical and social conditions

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Key contacts: Strategic Development Services

Duncan Green

Duncan Green

Managing Partner

Tel:0345 045 0050

Tel:0345 045 0050