Environmental Due Dilligence & Site Appraisal

Environmental due diligence is a review of the environmental performance of a business or property to see how well it complies with regulations, manages risk and achieves best practice. It’s invaluable for organisations wanting to reduce risk, perform better, sell property or secure funds.

Legislation and guidance in this area is extensive, complex and constantly evolving so a Pick Everard due diligence assessment highlights and prioritises potential risks and improvements.

These include issues around land contamination, waste management, hazardous substances, pollution, drainage, invasive species, flooding and energy and carbon management.

We also recommend site appraisals, often before a client buys a site, which consider the risks and constraints of their proposed development, and how they can be managed through design. As well as the issues above, these look at ground stability, air quality, noise constraints, landscape, ecology, aesthetics, transport, archaeological constraints and unexploded ordnance.

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Selected Environmental Due Dilligence & Site Appraisal projects

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