Contaminated Land

Pick Everard undertake a range of contaminated land investigation and remediation services. The blight of land contamination, or even just the perception of it, can be a significant liability for landowners or developers if it’s not properly managed.

At Pick Everard, we offer thorough, cost-effective contaminated land consultancy. It’s firmly focused on providing the best value for our clients, whether they need to achieve planning requirements or produce Part IIA assessments, due diligence reports, environmental statements, land condition records or land quality statements.

We design investigations that enable sites to be comprehensively assessed, addressing potential risks and liabilities, satisfying regulators, engaging with stakeholders and avoiding unnecessary, costly works. We develop cost-efficient contamination management and remediation strategies based on an in-depth understanding of relevant policy and guidance.

Our experienced team offers:

  • Phase 1 geo-environmental desk studies
  • Development of conceptual site models
  • Phase 2 Intrusive site investigations
  • Landfill gas and groundwater monitoring
  • Qualitative and quantitative human health and groundwater risk assessments
  • Remediation design, supervision and validation
  • Waste classification and management

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Selected Contaminated Land projects

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