BIM Consultants

Our BIM consultants are experts in collaboration and coordination. Working with our design, cost, project management and construction management teams, they reinforce the integration of our multi-disciplinary service delivery. In fact, BIM is integrated into the delivery of all of our key design services, and each of our teams is fully enabled to BIM level two.

BIM is changing the UK construction industry and is recognised by the Government as the most effective way to drive efficiency in building design, delivery and use. The key to this is using BIM technologies, processes and collaborative approaches to unlock more efficient ways of working through improved sharing and access to information.

Whether they’re advising our clients independently or as part of a multi-professional Pick Everard team, our BIM consultants are focused on delivering cost, time and quality benefits for our clients.

Our BIM services include:

  • Client advice and mentoring
  • BIM procurement advice
  • Training
  • BIM management
  • BIM delivery

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Selected BIM Consultants projects

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