Our Commitment to Net Zero

Our societies and economies are embarked on a journey towards Net Zero Carbon. The UK is leading the process and was the first country to commit to NZC by 2050 and enshrine it in legislation.

Pick Everard is positioned as a leading consultancy in driving and working with the construction industry, our clients and our peers on that collective journey.

Pick Everard will achieve net zero carbon in 2022.

We are committed through our current actions, investment in sustainable initiatives, and through demonstration of our intent with the signing of the Construction Declares Climate and Biodiversity Emergency, the RIBA 2030 Challenge and the Better Buildings Partnership Design for Performance. We have identified areas where we will further directly impact our carbon consumption reduction, and where we are not directly responsible, we shall educate and influence decisions made by others.

Pick Everard is continually striving to ensure sustainability principles are embedded in all our advice and design, and at the core of everything we do.

Our Carbon Reduction Plan can be downloaded here: Carbon Reduction Plan 2021