Measuring employee happiness at the push of a button

01 March, 2021

It is a widely known fact that the construction industry has traditionally had large problems with mental health stigma, and this is something that we as a business are passionate about changing. Looking after our staff is always a priority for us, so we are always looking for new and better ways to support our people.

With this in mind, we’re delighted to announce that 60 members of staff from Pick Everard have volunteered to take part in a trial of a wearable wellbeing tracker – the Moodbeam One. These trials will see our staff tracking their happiness levels throughout their working day to help gain a better understand of how they are feeling at work.

Moodbeam provides a unique solution to understanding and appreciating how employees are feeling via real-time reporting, a companion app and an organisational dashboard. The wearable wristband allows the user to log how they feel in real time through the simple push of a button – either yellow or blue – to indicate if they’re happy or unhappy, anxious or not anxious, or motivated or unmotivated to name but a few options.

The information is tracked within Moodbeam’s companion app and provides visualisations of mood information, which is stored in the cloud and gives employers a unique insight into how their people are coping. This information will allow managers to get a visualisation on staff wellbeing either on an individual basis or across teams or departments and will allow them to identify any areas where additional support can be provided.

The trials are being led by national framework provider Pagabo and sees us join a number of other companies across the construction industry in bringing the use of Moodbeam into our wellbeing strategy.

Elizabeth Hardwick-Smith, Director of HR and Training at Pick Everard, said: “As a business, looking after our staff is central to our success, so we’re really pleased to have so many volunteers from across the business step forward to take part in this trial. We are almost a year into the coronavirus pandemic and last 12 months have been some of the most challenging and unpredictable ever experienced by most people.

“The Moodbeam wristbands are a totally innovative way for us to check in with our teams, and the real-time element can be really valuable rather than having to wait for staff to feedback during appraisals or surveys. I have been finding my wristband incredibly helpful already on a personal level – using the journal section within the app I’m already finding patterns in my mood, which will allow me to identify areas I can foster a positive change. As a HR team we are also being proactive, observing the high level mood trends of our colleagues and reaching out to participants when they may need additional support.

“As a trustee of the Pagabo Foundation, I feel it is  important that everyone in the construction sector comes together and supports one another to tackle the industry-wide stigma that is attached to mental health. Everyone should feel confident and able to express their feelings and I couldn’t be prouder that Pick Everard is championing this through these trials and setting an example for the rest of the industry.”

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