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20 May, 2019


Partner, Alastair Hamilton, has more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry and, during this time, the landscape of the sector has altered considerably. To open our #ValuedPartnerships supply chain blog series, Alastair looks into the shift in importance of real collaboration, strong and long-standing working relationships with supply chain partners and how a strategic approach to consultancy can benefit these partners, their clients and end users.

Over the years, the construction industry has had to adapt to evolving financial and political landscapes and environmental and social factors, as well as advances in technology, increasing complexity and the changing requirements of clients and end users. The development of strong, trusted supply chain networks is one way such way to address this, providing clients with the best possible service and outcomes whilst creating more opportunities – and jobs – for our industry.

The prevalence and importance of collaboration and the development of strategic partnerships has increased in recent years and is a commitment Pick Everard takes very seriously. Not only do we see a wider industry benefit to supporting and engaging with SMEs, getting true collaboration right can also help transcend the way we deliver construction and drive the efficiencies that is at the heart of the Government Construction Strategy. We regularly evaluate our approach to the delivery of consultancy services, to ensure we put together the right team to perform effectively and deliver successful outcomes. We foster open dialogues with our supply chain partners to fully understand their capabilities and to build strong relationships, which are mutually beneficial and long-lasting.

It is important that we have an aligned culture and ethos with our supply partners as well as a shared vision and objectives. This helps to create open and trusting partnerships that can deliver the broadest capabilities, seamlessly to our clients.

We work with more than 200 supply chain partners and have seen the benefits to both clients and suppliers.

Benefits to clients

  • Access to specialists – through the development of our network, engaging with supply chain partners with specialisms in a variety of different fields, we have ready access to the broadest range of skills and specialisms that are tried and tested in delivering the right advice and solutions for our clients. These can range from experts in a niche area of heritage building design to suppliers developing cutting edge, sustainable tech. Expert co-ordination and management of the various specialist inputs is key to seamless, holistic delivery
  • Appointment through frameworks – through frameworks, like the Scape Built Environment Consultancy Services (BECS) Framework, we’re able to provide a fully compliant procurement route that provides more efficient engagement and demonstrable value for money.
  • Access to local suppliers – we are committed to supporting our clients deliver their social value and economic objectives by engaging local suppliers. We also work hard to help achieve high levels of local spend and have developed relationships with suppliers across the UK.
  • Quality assurance – we carefully select suppliers to ensure that they deliver the same high-quality as Pick Everard. We also, however, put governance in place to assess compliance and performance, supporting our supply chain to continuously improve service delivery.
  • Resilience within the team – we’re able to bring teams of specialities together, alongside our inhouse team, to deliver better client solutions in the most efficient way.

Benefits to suppliers

  • Access to major projects and appointments through frameworks – through engagement with Pick Everard, supply chain partners are able to bid for major frameworks and major projects which they would not normally have had access to.
  • Fair payment – ensuring that monies flow efficiently to the supply chain is a consideration for many clients and is a key objective for the government. Cashflow is the lifeline of all companies – especially for SMEs. It is something we take incredibly seriously at Pick Everard, ensuring that it is mandatory for every project we deliver through collaborative partnerships.
  • Ownership of projects and true partnership – as well as working as part of a team, supply chain partners do very much own their projects, with support provided by Pick Everard to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery. We develop long terms relationships in the spirit of true collaboration.
  • Opportunities for SMEs – working with a larger organisation like Pick Everard, provides SMEs with support, stability and security. It also allows them to benefit, and operate more effectively through, the governance of our robust systems and processes.

Alex Hamilton-Jordan is head of strategic partnerships at Pick Everard and his role entails developing this network, identifying mutually beneficial opportunities and supporting the bid team, matching the most appropriate supply chain member with the most appropriate tender.

Having a member of our team who is entirely dedicated to curating an experienced and professional network of suppliers is just another example of our commitment to the supply chain. Having said that, it’s not just enough to have a network that’s good at what they do – they need to also be agile, creative and innovative. We all need to progress together, bringing different and new ways of working to the table. Investing in a team that can do that is incredibly important for not only Pick Everard but for the industry, for the client and for end users.

Our commitment to collaborative working and the building of sustained relationships is exhibited through our pledge to achieving ISO 44001 this year. Our policy, processes and procedures are already aligned in readiness for third party audit.

The future of collaborative supply chain partnerships looks bright. Since returning from MIPIM, I’ve had some incredibly productive conversations with new supply chain partners looking to grow their businesses with Pick Everard and engage in new ways of working. The industry has weathered its fair share of storms and, with the current political instability we’re experiencing, it’s more important than ever that we work together to deliver great contracts which benefit suppliers, customers and communities.

During our #ValuedPartnerships supply chain series, we will hear from the strategic partnerships team and supply chain members to understand their experiences and what’s next for the industry. Join in the conversation on Twitter: @PickEverard #ValuedPartnerships

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