Shaopeng Xu, Assistant Landscape Architect

12 February, 2021


What attracted you to work for Pick Everard?

I gained my master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at The University of Sheffield in 2018 and then joined Pick Everard in January 2019. Although I had some experience working as an intern in my home country, it was initially quite daunting for me to join a UK firm considering how different the context and working approach is. What attracted me the most to work for the firm was the opportunity to join a newly established team which gives plenty of time and room for everyone to develop and find their place.

I was lucky to grow alongside the team itself in the past two years, which has allowed me to develop much more than a graduate usually does. It gives me great pleasure to see my input translated into the growing success of the team.

What inspires you most in your role?

What inspires me the most is the wide range of projects we have worked on and the challenges we confront every day. I have always considered myself ‘up for a challenge’ and I am passionate about gaining new skills and knowledge, so I really appreciate the continuous support I receive from our Landscape team and the firm. All the training I undertook and work experience I gained has had an incredible impact on shaping my career.

What also inspired me is the trust and courage I have received. I have been offered to take the BIM Champion role in our Landscape team after exploring this area for a year. It is fantastic to see everyone actively encouraged to take responsibilities and make contributions to the team.

You recently won a Being Pick Everard Award. Tell us about what you won, why you won it and what it means to you?

I received the award for ‘Being Professional’. Winning this award means a lot to me; all the effort I have made has been recognised not only within our team but also the wider firm. It gives me more confidence in my future work, and it is a momentous motivation to my career.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

2020 was such a challenging year for everyone. The way we work has gone through significant changes especially in the construction industry. We have many projects currently in construction stage. I hope 2021 can bring back some pre-pandemic normality. I would be excited to go on site to see our hard work being transferred into reality from a piece of paper.  I am also looking forward to our office reunion and seeing further expansion of our Landscape team. I will always be playing my part in this process.

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