Sarah Pendleton, Office Administrator/PA

26 February, 2021


What attracted you to work for Pick Everard?

Having spent 20 years working in small law firms in a small town, I decided it was now or never to take the leap and look for work in a city that I love, Manchester. My background was working in commercial law, but I saw the role at Pick Everard advertised and was attracted to the firm and the industry, I had a keen interest to work within construction, so it seemed a great opportunity for me.

How have you got to the career you’re in now?

I started working as a receptionist while studying my A-Level qualifications; I enjoyed being in the workforce and decided I wanted to carry on with employment after my studies. I wanted to pursue a legal secretary role and took on responsibilities to support the legal secretaries within the business; I was soon assigned to work for a solicitor as their personal secretary. I then joined Pick Everard, working closely to support a Director. I have had a great career and happy to be supporting the firm and working within an industry I have an interest in.

You recently won a Being Pick Everard Award. Tell us about what you won, why you won it and what it means to you.

I won the regional award for ‘Being Fun to Work With’. I think I won this because I bring a bit of joviality to the office, I like to lift the mood and create a positive environment. With the challenges Covid has brought to many people, I have tried to keep up the positivity and ensure my colleagues feel supported.

What has been your top highlight of working at Pick Everard?

A highlight from working at Pick Everard is the people I have met; the office is a great environment and I feel fully supported by my peers. I have been with the firm for just under two year’s now, one of which has been in lockdown, so I hope I have many more highlights to come but winning this award is certainly one of them.

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