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30 October, 2017


Our new podcast series, Perspective, will aid discussion and improve understanding of the NEC contracts through dynamic and insightful topics. In each episode we talk to leaders in the property and construction industry who will provide an insight into the challenges and issues around the NEC suite of contracts.


Common Pitfalls 

In the first episode of Perspective Alastair Hamilton, Aarti Raj, Andrew Seaman and Nicola Gemmell will explore the NEC3 contract and look at the common pitfalls the team has witnessed in their experience and how they are best avoided.

There are a number of questions to be established before proceeding with a contract – or even establishing a brief. The team raises some insightful and useful points, including discussion around: ensuring that a client’s key objectives are clear and manageable; establishing what it is exactly a client wants to achieve and understanding a client’s business in terms of attitude to risk and any potential constraints in terms of budget or time.

Also featured on the episode is how the NEC disseminates its information and how Pick Everard manages this internally, how to advise clients on a suitable contract and Z clauses – do they create ambiguity or are they necessary to create bespoke contracts?



Controlling Change within a Contract

In this episode of Perspective Alastair Hamilton, Aarti Raj, Andrew Seaman and Nicola Gemmell look at how best to manage timescales and provides tips for controlling change within a contract.

Drawing on their experience of working with NEC3 contracts, the team discuss the importance of collaboration and building trust between not only the project team, but also between the team and the client in order to effectively manage timescales, budgets and other changes.

Delving into topics such as budgeting and risk management, the team share their opinions on current NEC thinking around these topics and deliberate the significance of transparency.

The team also debate the issue of specialist sites, such as laboratories, and how project teams can avoid over-inflating prices and timescales by allocating risk assessment and management to specialist suppliers and how this can be communicated to the client.

NEC4 Evolution not Revolution: We recently held a breakfast event which detailed the changes of the NEC4 suite of contracts. Download the presentation here.

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