Jamie Marshall

27 January, 2020


What attracted you to your profession?

I am very much a people-oriented person and wanted to work in an industry with other people for the majority of my working day. Another appealing factor with a career in Project Management is that no two days are the same; you are never sure what each day is going to bring! Although you can plan for a full week, you might have to change everything at any point while at the same time making sure that all your deliverables are met, which is a challenge but a rewarding one when you go home on a Friday and everything is in hand.

What is your top highlight of working at Pick Everard so far?

In the last three years we have grown the team in Scotland from four to seven, have opened a new office in Edinburgh to add to our Glasgow and Inverness bases and are on course to more than treble our fee income from £250k in 2015/16 to just over £800k in 2019/20. Rather than one single moment, I am most proud of being part of a team that is constantly expanding and delivering high quality projects for satisfied clients, which is in return opening up extensive new opportunities both for our PM team and the wider company.

What’s your favourite thing about the firm/your team/your role

My favourite thing about the role is invoicing. I look forward to it at the end of the month, maybe even more than payday!

What’s your favourite thing about the firm/your team/your role?

My favourite thing about the firm is probably the atmosphere in the office. We have a very strong core team of individuals across the various disciplines in terms of professional ability, but they all have a positive can-do approach to project delivery and problem solving. Across the business we have a culture where everyone is approachable and willing to help, which is a huge benefit in an industry where team working is so essential.

What key skills are important for a career in Project Management?

Although a good working knowledge of the industry is important, it is the soft skills that make the difference – a good project manager must have a strong work ethic to be committed to deliver the client’s ambitions, must be highly proficient in problem solving and vitally must be able to command respect from all areas of the project team from the project board to the team on site. The job would be easy if we could just write a plan on day one and everything went according to that plan, but instead a good project manager should show their value to clients by remaining in control at all times so that risk and change are anticipated and managed rather than unforeseen and reacted to retrospectively. If you are the sort of person who remains focused on your goals even when distractions occur, is not intimidated by challenging situations and has the ability to get the best out of people, I would be delighted to hear from you about joining our successful PM team here at Pick Everard!

What are you looking forward to in the future here?

In my time at Pick Everard we have taken huge strides to position ourselves as a strong player in the Scottish multi-disciplinary consultancy market. In the next 2-3 years I am looking forward to further expanding our reputation and client base to achieve our vision of being the highest regarded construction consultant in Scotland, and I genuinely believe that this is an achievable aim in this timescale given our current position and resources.

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