Hannah McLellan, Project Architect

31 March, 2021


What is your role within Pick Everard?

I work in the Leicester office as part of the Architectural team. I am a Project Architect involved with the design and implementation of projects, working with a wide range of individuals across both the Architectural department and other consultants within Pick Everard.

You recently won a Being Pick Everard Award. Tell us about what you won, why you won it and what it means to you.

At the end of last year, I won one of the regional awards for ‘Being Fun to Work With’. It was an honour to be nominated by my peers as I have not been at Pick Everard very long, the nominations took place around a year after me joining the practice.

It was really flattering to see my nominations and hear what people thought about me, there were numerous comments mainly about me eating or sharing food, which I am not surprised by.

In our industry there are many key components to a project that need to come together to make it successful, including involvement from a number of different disciplines. I like to ensure everyone is included and gets their opportunity to participate in the project, which is reflected in my nominations. We often spend more time with people we work with than our friends and family, so I think it import that we have a good working relationship as well as a good working environment which Pick Everard provide. This has never been more important than during the past year.

What inspires you most in your role? Any projects you have worked on that you are proud of and/or favourite buildings you wish you had worked on?

I love the idea that people will be using the building that I have worked on and how they will react and interact with the building and spaces.

I studied the Reichstag as part of my degree, and really admire the sensitivity in which the history of the building is retained. The dome by Foster and Partners adds new dimensions to the building whilst keeping the history alive.

What attracted you to the industry and what do you enjoy about it?

I have always loved buildings and design. Growing up I loved how spaces could affect your mood or give you a certain feeling. One of the first buildings I remember being enamoured by the spatial quality was the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, which is a museum converted from an old train station; the main gallery space showcases the main elements of the original station building creating a light and airy display space.

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