Abdullah Jameel

05 February, 2020


What attracted you to your profession?

After I finished college, I was unsure of the career path I wanted to pursue. University didn’t really appeal to me, as I wasn’t certain on what course I wanted to enrol on, and I didn’t want to be left with a huge debt at the end of a course was passionate about.

With my father being a builder, I grew up with an understanding of the construction industry, however the labour-intensive side of the industry never really appealed to. After searching online for apprenticeships for a few months I came across the Pick Everard Building Surveying Apprenticeship.

At the time I didn’t know much about the role and what it was about. Despite having done some research, when I started work at Pick Everard in November 2018, I was still not completely sure what to expect. However, after a few months of working alongside other Building Surveyors, I quickly gained a deeper understanding of the day to day responsibilities and was inspired to pursue a career in this role.

For me, the main attraction of being a Building Surveyor is the ever-changing nature of role. The variety of projects is huge, and no two projects are the same – making the job really enjoyable.

What is the benefit of undertaking an apprenticeship?

I am studying a five-year Building Surveyors degree at Birmingham City University. Even though this is longer than the normal three-year course, the benefit of the apprenticeship is that I get to work in the field and study at the same time without the stress of university fees. I enjoy working with people in the same profession which allows me to benefit from their knowledge and experience. Also, there is a ‘one to one review’ every 6 weeks, and an ‘employer review’ every 12 weeks to see how I am getting on with my course and to raise any problems or concerns.

What do you most enjoy about working at Pick Everard?

The best thing about working at Pick Everard I think is the diverse range of work. Having a mixture of site visits and time in the office makes the work week much more enjoyable. Upon starting a Building Surveying degree at Birmingham City University in September 2019, I learnt that other apprentices from different firms on the same course as me, don’t seem to be in the office as much and tend to spend most of their time on-site. I think that is an advantage for me as I can pick up other skills, such as developing my knowledge of CAD and Revit.

Large-scale projects I have worked on include a fire station in Scotland and a survey of a police station in Lancashire. Some of the unique site visits I have experienced include overseeing a night shift survey to a car park, surveying bridges in Lee Valley Park, and my personal favourite, being raised 50 feet high on a MEWP for hammer testing to the external cladding of a building.

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