Behind the Design Spotlight: Sainaja Feroz

07 June, 2021


As part of our design focus throughout June – in line with the London Festival of Architecture – we’re highlighting some of our expert design specialists.  Sainaja Feroz tells us about the importance of such events, championing diversity within the profession and the opportunities and career progression provided by Pick Everard since joining the firm in 2019.

What is your role at Pick Everard and how long have you been working here?

I joined in 2019 and work as a Senior Project Coordinator, Architecture, which involves all aspects of a project, from inception through to completion.

What makes working at Pick Everard unique?

As a multi-professional practice, it has provided me with the opportunity to develop the Healthcare sector. I am heavily involved in expanding the portfolio, while creating and mentoring a dynamic, specialist team to take this forward. The practice has given me a clear path for career progression, while working with a team that challenges and empowers. With opportunities to represent the practice at forums and providing exposure to wider learning, Pick Everard has contributed to the progress of my career.

What is your proudest professional accomplishment so far in your career?

My professional journey has been a juxtaposition of constant change and adaptation, growth and learning. While every project completion is a moment of pride, my most satisfying accomplishment has been the completion of my RIBA Part 3 qualification. This happened later than envisaged due to having a family, adapting to a new country, and knowing when I felt confident enough to undertake the examination. This has allowed me to be a well-rounded and knowledgeable professional.

How significant is it that England hosts the world’s largest annual architecture festival?

England is at the forefront of global architecture, and it holds this place due to the considered approach to design and the built environment. This ethos is instilled in all aspects of the architectural education offered by various establishments around the country, and is reflected by the government’s declaration to achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2050, and how the construction industry has responded with earnest.

Events such as the #LFA2021 provide a platform to showcase this attitude to the global architectural communities.

What is the importance of events like the London Festival of Architecture for current and future generations of architects?

#LFA2021 provides a powerful platform to engage, to hear and to be heard. It is a source of inspiration, providing an insight into innovative technologies and has the potential to be a stage for vigorous debates and policy changes.


What does this year’s London Festival of Architecture theme of ‘Care’ mean to you?

Architecture has the power to transform lives through the spaces we create by being inclusive. However, the profession has yet to succeed in creating an environment that is all-encompassing. As a female professional from an ethnic background, this resonates with me poignantly. I believe the theme should encompass amplifying the unheard voices of underrepresented groups, be it #gender, #race, #ethnicity, or #disability. We strive hard to create spaces that are barrier free, yet the industry is still on the journey to reflect this truly.

What is one piece of advice you like to give to aspiring designers?

Architecture is about relationships – with your client, team, ‘the space’ and the environment. Maintaining a good balance ensures a successful design.


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