National Grid

National Grid

National Grid Overview

National Grid owns and manages the national power transmission network throughout England and Wales. They are responsible for balancing the overall power supply and demand requirements to ensure electricity is available 24/7 to homes and businesses. They also own and operate the national gas transmission network, with sole responsibility for delivering gas from providers to the regional distribution points, as well as operating 50% of the gas distribution networks.

With a complex estate portfolio, National Grid use professional services frameworks, to ensure they have competent teams available to meet their diverse requirements.

Pick Everard provide PM, asset management and multi-professional design services supporting the estate requirements of National Grid. Our experience includes offices, control centres, data centres, call-handling facilities and depots, working on over 120 sites throughout the UK. The dedicated teams we provide to National Grid include project management, cost consultancy, building surveying, FM consultancy and multi-professional design, enabling them to continue to efficiently operate a diverse property estate, in support of their national utility services.

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