Pick Everard becomes first UK firm to sign up to every discipline under the Construction Declares Climate and Biodiversity Emergency

12 February, 2020

Pick Everard has signed an international declaration that aims to ‘unite all strands of the built environment’, committing property and construction firms to ‘take positive action in response to climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse’.

Construction Declares encapsulates a number of disciplines – including building services, architecture, civil and structural engineering, and project management. Having recently also signed up to Landscape Architecture Declares, Pick Everard has become the first UK firm to sign up to all six disciplines.

The declaration asks firms to:

  • Raise awareness of the climate and biodiversity emergency
  • Advocate for faster change in the industry
  • Share knowledge and research

It also requires firms to work together with clients and contractors to develop nearly net zero energy designs and reduce construction waste in a bid to achieve a net zero carbon society based on the circular economy.

Jose Hernandez, Director said: “The Climate and Biodiversity Emergency declaration is a public commitment to design for performance, rather than just for compliance. There is great work being done by the UK Green Building Council, LETI, RIBA, CIBSE and other professional organisations. It has promoted a real sense of direction.

“We’re working to develop new energy strategies and carbon neutral roadmaps for more clients than ever before. Our work doesn’t just have an environmental impact, but a social and a financial impact for our clients too.

“Most local authorities have already declared climate emergencies, and many are actively working on their smart city and net zero carbon plans.  Some parts of the private sector – most notably in the real estate, retail and finance sectors – are also now taking direct action.”

“This is just the start. The situation must be taken seriously if we’re going to see real change, which is why Pick Everard has committed to the declaration. We’re incredibly proud to be the first UK firm to sign up to every discipline in the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency declaration.

“I’m excited to see what is to come this year, as our peers in the industry, supply chain partners and clients come together to develop some really transformative schemes. Only through true collaboration can we address the climate emergency.”

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