National Grid is a national infrastructure provider with a diverse estate spanning the entire country. As a key element of this, we manage both their reuse and replanning of existing furniture, and new planning and supply of new furniture.

The brief

Furniture provision is a vital aspect of the workplace, and as part of our project involvement with National Grid we were asked to manage the space-planning, management and procurement of their FF+E.

Our response

The consistency of a branded workplace environment relies on the furniture being considered as part of the overall appearance. The development of a furniture catalogue enables this process to be managed effectively over many sites – with the resultant programme of projects being simpler to achieve the same end result.

Key facts

  • User requirement is central to our approach.
  • Key understanding of business requirements – storage, operational need and work patterns.
  • Close working with suppliers to achieve working catalogue.
  • Attention to detail to ensure right end result.

Project Information

Client: National Grid

Value: £10,000-15,000