We designed a new, space age entrance foyer at the base of the iconic 140ft rocket tower at Leicester’s premier tourist attraction

The National Space Centre is undergoing a transformative, multi-million-pound series of works to accommodate the 50 per cent increase in visitors it has experienced in the last five years. The first stage of this is the new entrance foyer which has created a more legible approach to the centre and houses the new ticketing hall

The new entrance boasts a glazed oculus roof, providing a view of the rocket tower and a curved plan-form reflecting the spiral galaxy design of the main roof.

The context of the work was challenging; as the extension is located in a tight space between the iconic rocket tower, exhibition hall and John Egglestone Suite and adjacent to the Challenger Learning Centre. We overcame this with a simple curved plan-form that reflects the existing building’s geometry.


We also completed masterplanning at the National Space Centre, to validate the location of the entrance in the context of other extension opportunities at the centre, meaning that the centre can maximise the value of future projects.

Chas Bishop, chief executive at the National Space Centre said:

Chas Bishop, chief executive at the National Space Centre said:

“The most important testimony to the impact of the new entrance building has come from our visitors. In that sense, it has achieved all objectives: an exciting sense of arrival, a highly efficient ticket sales facility and a new Welcome Hall display space in which to enjoy some magnificent new exhibits – including five new space suits from some of the most well-known astronauts.

“Pick Everard has designed a building that complements the iconic Rocket Tower beautifully.”