For over a decade, our structural survey team has undertaken a programme of pre-construction condition surveys of domestic and commercial properties for Severn Trent Water and Yorkshire Water, prior to adjacent sewer improvement works being carried out.  High quality ‘Schedule of Condition’ reports with photographic records are completed by experienced professionals which are documented in a format agreed with the client and presented to property owners for their records prior to the works commencement.

 The Brief 

Pick Everard has nationally agreed schedules of rates and agreed terms with selected contractors who are appointed to carry out repairs ensuring best value for our clients. Alternatively, we offer settlements to the owners so they can carry out their own repairs with agreed compensation rates with our clients.

Our Response 

Frequently, we have been required to return to the properties to re-inspect areas where damage has been reported by building occupiers following sewer works. It is our professionals’ responsibility to provide opinion on the causes of reported damage and advise on suitable compensation and remedial repairs where appropriate.

 Key Facts 

Scheme sizes have ranged from single properties requiring inspection to multiple streets of properties within a single project zone.

Project Information

Client: Severn Trent & Yorkshire Water