The Rothley Lodge development is a 476,000ft2 tissue paper production and distribution plant. It’s the largest of its kind in the UK.

The brief

The client required a combined production and distribution building with service yard. Administration offices and changing facilities for up to 250 employees were also needed.

Our response

We were concerned that the building was designed to reduce its visual impact. Our solution was to break the large-scale building down into three visually separate buildings with low, olive green curved roofs connected with flat roofed glazed links.

The low eaves and bunded areas around the service yard were heavily landscaped with 150,000 trees and shrubs; this also helped minimise the visual impact. The ancillary buildings used a similar colour and geometric form to complement the main roofs.

Key facts

  • We came up with innovative ideas to reduce the buildings’ visual impact.
  • We designed super-flat concrete floors to allow for high-bay fork lift trucks.
  • We introduced a palisaded security fence.

Project Information

Client: Rosemound

Value: £6 million